Literally “the third line”, Troisième Ligne sees itself as working halfway between a back line where graceful movement dominates and a front line where power is everything. We are your flankers and your number 8: the link between the two complementary worlds which make up a rugby team. This “third line” is a versatile line that requires anticipation, endurance and investment of effort – which is how we approach our activity.
Defining a brand’s identity, foreseeing trends in products and categories, participating in developing the brand’s influence every day by imagining and transforming it continually to make it ever more visible, more understandable, more attractive and more lucrative: that is our pledge to you.
At Troisième Ligne, we anticipate future action by conceiving and distributing products which correspond to your identity and which help make it stronger in the long run.
At Troisième Ligne, we adapt on the job to make sure your brand is constantly evolving.
At Troisième Ligne, we are the regular point of contact between your brand (the back line) and merchandises sold to fans (the front line), covering every aspect of the field with enthusiasm and professionalism.
In a sentence, at Troisième Ligne, we take your brand to heart, every single day.

Christophe Rousseau - CEO & Founder