Founded in 2005 by Christophe Rousseau, Troisième Ligne is the only sports marketing actor able to handle and manage all aspects of merchandising.

Troisième Ligne is an independent group which bases its ethic on respect for the individual, as much in terms of our clients as all our employees and partners.
It is probably this attitude that makes us different and allows us to develop the merchandising rights of the brands we hold.
Troisième Ligne quickly identifies the criteria needed to progress, understands each brand and designs a unique world in which intangible features can be transformed into commercial success by being more consistent while respecting the final client’s requirements.
Troisième Ligne’s essence is based on three fundamental points:
– Audacity: every day, we push our imagination further in order to create the products of tomorrow
– Teamwork: for us, every employee, every link in the chain is important, from the Brand Manager to sellers out in the field.
– Coherence: understanding each brand and exploring how to market it as a product is part of our DNA